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The Blessing in the Night

Comprehend then, bless the Lord, all the slaves of the Lord,

who are established in the house of the Lord, in the courts of the house of our God.

Stretch out your hands by night to the sanctuary and bless the Lord.

May the Lord Who made the heaven and the earth bless thee out of Zion

{Psalm 133(134)}

It is a very ancient and very short Psalm of a few words. Those who are the slaves in the house of the Lord (δουλοι Κυριου), who are established (εστωτες) in the courts of the dwelling of God, should comprehend the Lord with blessing (ιδου δη ευλογειτε τον Κυριον); they should stretch out their handsΣ1 by night to the sanctuary and bless the Lord. Then, may the Lord Who made heaven and earth give His blessing out of Zion {Psalm 133(134)}.

Apparently, it is not known who are the δουλοι Κυριου, who have to comprehend and bless the Lord, and who are established (are steadfast) in the house of the Lord, where is and what is the sanctuary to which they should stretch out their hands by the night and give blessing to the Lord, so then, they might expect the blessing of God the Creator. It could be any place, any time, any universe, where the night as the darkness in literal or abstract sense [[darkness physical or spiritual or intellectual, the darkness of ignorance, of idol–worship, of inhumanity, of despair, of hopelessness]] exists, and where, still, God and therefore, the meaning of holiness, is known. This holiness might be the greatest sanctuary – Αγια Αγιωνof the temple that Solomon built; it might be any place where the priests beseech blessing of God; it might be the kingdom of God, to which the human soul–heart–mind belongs, because, with the blessing of God, it shall comprehended the knowledge of God that is the everlasting life and become the temple of the Living God {John 14:15–26; 17; Isaiah 8:13–14}.

Who are δουλοι Κυριου – the slaves of the Lord?

According to the Holy Scriptures, slaves of the Lord are the ones who live by God, act by the power of God and for the sake of accomplishment of the will of God; among them are the Hebrew prophetsΣ2 to whom God refers to as to “My slaves” – τοις δουλοις Μου – to whom He commands by His Spirit {Zacharias 1:6}.

Then, to those whom God will choose to be His own possession, Malachi the prophet refers to as to τον υιον αυτου, τον δουλευοντα αυτω {Malachi 3:17} – as to a son of man, who serves his father unreservedly, as slave (δουλευοντα from δουλευω – to be a slave; to serve as slave; to be devoted as slave).

Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Who came to accomplish the will of God the Father, said that His food is to do the will of Who sent Him to finish His work {John 4:34}.

Then, the Lord explained His listeners that, when they accomplish the will of God, they have to say “we are unavailing slaves –δουλοι αχρεioi – for we have done what we ought to do” {Luke 17:10}.

Those who enter the eternity with God to live in His presence and to reign forever also are referred to as the slaves – οι δουλοι {Revelation 22:1–5}.

Then, Lord Jesus Christ told His disciples that they are His friends, if they do whatever He commands them. He no longer calls them ‘slaves,’ for a slave does not know what his Lord does of him; but He calls them ‘friends’ because He makes known to them all He heard from His Father {John 15:14–15}. Afterward, the Lord says that the everlasting life is that they – His disciples who are given to Him by God the Father – may know the onlyΣ3 One True God and Whom He sent, Jesus Christ {John 17:2–3}.

Therefore the difference between the one as a slave of God and the one as a friend of God is knowledge of the purpose, for instance, knowledge of what the Lord wants or does of him. Consequently, the chosen ones are those who are prepared to act, because they know the future that follows accomplishment of the purpose, and act accordingly to accomplish it {e.g., in: Malachi 3:16–18; 4:1–3}. As the Lord says, they are the ones of God – His sheep whom He knows and who follow Him {John 10:27–30; 17:6}. They –– the ones chosen and known by God, His very Own possession, the blessed ones –– will be in God and with God forever {John 17:1–26; Revelation 21:6–75; 22:1–5, 14}.

For those who have learnt the precious knowledge of God, and came to complete knowledgeΣ4, of which St. Peter the Apostle wrote {2 Peter 1:3}, there is no difference in the worldly definitions, to which the “free” people of democratic societies cling. There is no difference between the status of God’s slave and status of God’s freeman defined by human language for those who live by God and for God, and who, by the precious price, are set free from sin and bonded by the perfection of God {Matthew 5:48; John 8:31–36; 1 Corinthians 6:19–20; Colossians 3:10–14}. They have been set free from the worldly powers of the world controlled by the evil, and therefore, they are not limited–bound–defined with the classifications and characteristics that define the boundaries of the limited structured world of the material things. Their freedom includes understanding of the world, within which the one, who begins his ascent to God as the slave of sin –– as the many of those who are born into this world do, has

to comprehend the meaning of freedom

in the fierce spiritual war with the evilΣ5 ––

the war that is the one’s entire life,

to win the precious freedom of the mighty immortal son – and a child and a slave – of God

{2 Corinthians 3:17–18; Ephesians 3:14–21; 6:10–18; Revelation 21:6–7; Psalm 17(18)}

to become the blessed one of God – the child–son–slaveΣ6

prepared for the eternity with God

{James 1:17–25; 1 Peter 1:22–25; 1 John 3:1–3; Ephesians; Colossians; Revelation 22:1–5, 13–14}.

Consequently, the Apostles {1 Peter 2; 1 John 3; 4; 5; Romans 6; Ephesians; Colossians 3:10–14; Galatians 3:26–29; 1 Corinthians 6:19–20; 7:17–23; 2 Corinthians 3:17–18; Galatians 3:26–29} refer to

a/ the people of God taken into possession and called out of darkness, because they know the purpose of their existence – to keep and to observe and to make known the lawΣ7 of God, and to convey the knowledge of God to those who are willing to accept

b/ freedom and freemen who are free of sinΣ8, yet who became the slaves of the righteousness – the ones unreservedly devoted to accomplishment of the will of God

c/ the children–slaves–disciples–friends of God who live by the Spirit of God

who are set free, because where the Spirit of God is, freedom is

↓ ↑

who are established (εστωτες) and kept

by the Absolute Good, excellenceΣ9, and perfection of God, because they

–– live by faith and love to God

–– comprehend the meaning of human nature and human virtueΣ10

–– imitate righteousness and virtues of Lord Jesus Christ

–– they become the possession – the very Own people of God

{Matthew 5:48; Luke 6:36; John 13:34–35; 14:15–18, 23–26; 15:12–27; 17; 1 Peter 2:1–25; Malachi 3:17}

Hence, for the Christians, the freedom is liberation from the evil and sin. This liberation is possible only if the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, sets the one free. To become free, the one needs to observe the commandments–words of God, so, he would cognize the Truth and receive the authority to become a child of God, because the slave does not remain in the house to the age; the son remains in the house to the age {John 1:1–13; 8:36–36; 14; 15; 16; 17}.

Consequently, for the Christians, the meaning of slavery is the spiritual slavery as submission to the evil and sin; the worldly/material division between slavery and freedomΣ11 is irrelevant in the same fashion as the entire world that neither recognizes the Word–God nor knows the Holy Spirit is irrelevant for the one who belongs to God and has the inner peace given by Lord Jesus Christ {in: John 14:15–17, 25–27; 15:15–26; 17; 1 John 5}.

One of the components of the knowledge that transforms a slave into the friend is an explanation: who is a Christian – the disciple and slave and child of the Almighty God, how he should learn the knowledge of God, how he could evolve into a child of God, and how he should live the rest of his life at the Earth after becoming a child of God {in: John 1:12–13; Matthew; Mark; Luke; John; James; 1 John; 1 Peter; 2 Peter; Ephesians; Colossians; 1 Corinthians; 2 Corinthians; and other Epistles of the Apostles of Lord Jesus Christ, the Word–God}.

What does it mean ‘blessing’? Why the one should bless the Almighty God Who has everything?

When a human being blesses God the Creator, he confirms his acceptance of God and his love to God; he opens his soul–heart–mind for the love of God making himself the part of God’s kingdom – the one who is established (εστωτες) in the house of the Lord.

When God the Creator gives His blessing to His creation, He bestows on him His Love and therefore, gives him the Divine Energy and Power accompanied either with the abundance of the good, of which Moses told his tribesmen at the time of law–giving {Deuteronomy 28:1–14; 30:9–20}, or with the greatest giftΣ12 of the wisdom and understanding that comes with the Holy Spirit. As the Holy Scriptures point out, some could receive both of them – the wealth of this world and the wealth of the Wisdom {Proverb 2; 3; 4; 6:20–23; 8; Wisdom 6:12–24; 7; 8} that prepares the human soul–heart–mind for the new world of God {John 14; 15; 16:7–16; 17; Revelation 21:1–8, 23; 22:1–5, 10–15}.

For a Christian, the highest blessing – the assurance of the life everlasting – is the presence of the Holy Spirit Who comes from the Father in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ, because of love of God the Father to those who believe in His son – Lord Jesus Christ, the Word–God, and love Him {John 14:15–17, 23–26; 16:23–24; Matthew 7:7–11; Mark 11:24; Luke 11:9–13}.

Then, why the slaves of God should stretch out their hands to the sanctuary? What happens when the one stretches out (or lift up in other texts of the Holy Scriptures) his hands to God Who is Αγιος Αγιος Αγιος Κυριος Σαβαωθ and the Sanctuary {Isaiah 6:3; 8:13–14}: the Αγια Αγιωνthe Holy of Holies – of each soul that lives by God?

When Moses led his tribesmen to the Promised Land and the Israelites departed from the wilderness of Sin, they encountered one of the native nations – the Amalec people; they were the first of the nations of the Promised Land, yet they perished {Exodus 17:1, 8–16; Numbers 24:20; 1 Kings 15; Psalm 33(34):21}. The idol–worshiping Amalec nation had to be annihilated, because their great corruption and sins against the Lord have overwhelmed the measures of the evil, and its καιροςΣ13 came before the Lord as all that ever existed shall {in: Genesis 6:6–7, 12–14; Matthew 24:35–44; Acts 17:24–28; Revelation 20:11–15; 21:1–5, 24–27}.

So {in: Exodus 17:8–16}, Moses went up to the top of the hill over the place where the Israelites had to attack the Amalec, and he lifted his hands. While Moses’ hands were lifted (επηρε; from επαιρω), the Israelites prevailed; when Moses let his hands down (because they were heavy), the Amalec prevailed. Hence, Moses set upon stone, and Aaron and another man supported Moses’ hands until the end of the day: until the warriors of the Amalec nation were annihilated. With the secret hand, the Lord waged war against the corrupted nationΣ14 for all generations and accomplished it through the stretched hands of Moses, revealing therefore His power to His chosen ones. Eventually, even the name of the Amalec nation was blotted out from under the heaven {Deuteronomy 25:17–19; 1 Kings 15}.

Hence, the one could infer that, according to the will of God, a particular temporal realityΣ15 was set for accomplishment of a particular purpose: in this reality, the Israelites waged war with the evil ones and exterminated them. Creation and maintenance of this reality, in which the destructive power of the law was revealed through annihilation of the lawless ones, was accomplished with the Divine Power of God. This Power descended into the reality of annihilation through the lifted hands of Moses. Only because of this Power received through Moses’ hands, the Israelites won their battle – defeated and annihilated the evil ones {cf.: Exodus 17:8; Deuteronomy 25:17–19}.

In another text, the prophet says that he lifted up (διεπετασα from διαπεταννυω – to lift up sail, to open up wings) his hands to God; his soul for God as the waterless land: he is a slave of God, and he expects that the Spirit of God will guide him, that God will make him alive and bring his soul out of affliction {Psalm 142(143):6–12}. He expresses his expectations by lifting up/opening his hands to the Lord.

So, through the hands of man, the life–sustaining power of God enters the world of man for defeating the evil, healing the diseases of the mind and body, building the οικον – dwelling of man {Psalm 126(127); 146(147)}, and transforming the world, within which the οικον – dwelling of man of God is accommodated, into the better place.

The referred above texts point to the particular phenomenon, which manifests the connection with God of those who are His slaves – δουλοι Κυριου; for instance, those in Psalm 133(134) and the prophet who spoke by the power given by the Holy Spirit, and who envisioned the soul without the Holy Spirit as the waterless parched arid desertΣ16 waiting for rain {Psalm 142(143):6–12}:

they are vigilant in the time (night), when the others have no awareness of the actuality

and their reasoning collapsedΣ17 because of their lawlessness and corruption

they stretch out (or lift up) their hands to accept the power that comes

with the blessing of God and from the dwelling of God

God the Creator responds to them with His blessing

that includes giving of the life–sustaining energy

along the power to hold and to apply it for accomplishment of the will of God

the power that one receives through the blessing of God the Creator

heals the wounds of his soul,

leads him out of affliction, ensures his victory in the war with the evil ones,

and therefore, through him, sustains the world of the living

Hence, the one could comprehend the pattern describing maintenance of the existing world and perhaps, of the world to come.

At any time, the blessing given by God the Creator to the creation who – with faithΣ18 – loves and blesses his Creator and other creations of God, is accompanied with well–being of His creation: blessing by God is the act of bestowing the divine life–creating and life–sustaining power that renews the face of the earth (man is the earth) and that is carried by the Holy Spirit and accomplished by the Word–God {Mark 11:22–26; Luke 11:9–13; John 4:34; 10:25, 30; 14; 15; 16; 17; James 1:17; Psalm 103(104):30; 127(128); 144(145); 146:3–6; Deuteronomy 28:1–14; 30:9–20}. It always is the evidence of forgivenessΣ19 and reconciliation with God in the present; it also is the foresight of the Future, when night and darkness will be no more {Revelation 21:23; 22:5}.

For instance, the blessing of God has come unto the one

who was saved from the total ruinΣ20,

delivered from the power of darkness, pitied, forgiven,

and illuminated by the Light and Wisdom of God

{John 1:1–18; 9:15; 15:3–12; 17; 1 Peter 1; 2:9–10, 25; 2 Peter 1:2–11, 19–21; 1 John 1;

Colossians 1:13; Psalm 102(103); 103(104); 106(107)}

who was purified by the Word–God from his sins and imperfections

and set free from the slavery to the arch–evil

{John 8:31–32, 34–36; 13:10; 15:1–8; 17:17}

who is prepared for acceptance of the power that will sustain his life,

and along with him, life of the world given into his dominion

{John 14:1–26; 15; 17; Revelation 22:3–5}

who, with his steadfastness of faith and righteousness of a child of God –

the one who imitates His God and Savior as a son imitates his father,

is renewed in cognition of God and established on the Precious Indestructible

Corner–Stone, the Word–God

{Matthew 5:17–48; Luke 6:27–49; John 13:34–35; 14; 15; 16; 17; 1 Peter 1; 2; 1 John;

Ephesians 2:18–22; Colossians 1:9–23; 3:10–11; Isaiah 28:16}.

The evil ones do not seek blessings of God: in the presence of God, the evil is not able to exist, and for the evil ones, presence of God is torture and then, the end–annihilation {Matthew 8:28–29; Mark 5:1–7; Luke 8:27–31; John 3:16–21, 36; 8:34–47; 1 John 3:8–15; Revelation 20:11–15}. Hence, the self–chosen path of the evil ones

begins in darkness within this world

culminates in the total ruinΣ20,

from which nothing and nobody is able to save the evil ones –

those who rejected God and set themselves against the law/will of God

leads into the darkness of eternal separation from God

{Matthew 22:11–14; John 3:16–21, 35–36; 8:37–47; Isaiah 1:28; 43:11–13;

Malachi 3:17; 4:2; Psalm 144(145):20}

While living in the darkness, or in the shadow of deathΣ21 – and especially, in the gloom of human reason, in the spiritual darkness inseparable from the evil, the slaves of the evil and sin invented different methods of illumination and persuasion of the others: burning wood, candles, lamps, street lights, bonfire, arson, burnt–offering of animals and humans, stakes of the Inquisition, pyres on which the books written by the different–minded are burnt, nuclear bombs, suicide–bombers, public flogging, torture, mutilation, and inhumane executionsΣ22 of human beings created after image and likeness of God {Genesis 1:27; 9:6}, and so on…

Does not, with each passing moment, when a new crime of inhumanity is committed, the present world look more and more as the night without the Light, because the Word–God, the Light of the world, has left the world,

which has rejected His love

which serves the evil

in which only the expectations of evil are fulfilled

{John 9:4–5; 14:19, 30; 15:18–25; 16:1–11, 16, 28; Isaiah 28:15–22}?

And I think that now, when the night of idol–worship, darkness of false religions, human misery and suffering fueled with incessant conflicts and wars, ignorance, inhumanity, and ungodliness crawl over the entire planet, when the Christian churches set on fire took place of street–lighting and when Christians and people of other faiths and walks of life are burned alive, beheaded, and slaughtered as animals because of their beliefs and desire to live according to their beliefs, would the δουλοι Κυριου ask the blessing of the Lord God for the world of the evil?

And if they still do, would not the power that comes from God with His blessing speed up διαφθορων – the total ruinΣ20 – of the evil ones?

Would not this power accelerate collapse and disintegration of the evil establishments, as well as coming of the long–awaited end promised in the beginning of this age {Matthew 24; Mark 13; Luke 12:35–40; 2 Peter 3}?

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Σ1 Επαρατε τας χειρας – have stretched out hands; ε–παρα–τε from παρα τε–ινω – stretch; as in: νυξ τε–ταται – night outstretched/prostrated

Σ2 See Note 91 to Selections_&_Reprints

Σ3 Lord God Jesus Christ said:

Εγω και ο Πατηρ εν εσμεν –

I and the Father One are

{in: John 10:30; 14:6–10; 17:21, 23–26}

These words convey the essence of the monotheistic theology – the Christianity that is the ultimate knowledge of God the Father given and explained by Lord Jesus Christ, the Word–God, Whom He has sent for salvation of the world {John 1:1–18; 3:16–18; 6:39–40; 10:17–18, 30; 12:44–50; 14:6–11; 17}.

The words of God are the essence of The Nicean Creed – the Confession of the Christian Faith that defines the essence of Christian religion as the monotheistic religion; it was composed in 325, by The First Ecumenical Council of Nicea.


Notes 4, 14, 22, 29, 44, 75, 107, 147, and 149 (with reprints) to Selections_&_Reprints

CHRISTIANITY – Supplement 1 to Selections_&_Reprints


Σ4 See

God the Lord of Knowledge – the Portion of the Living Ones; The Complete Knowledge; Wisdom and the Riches –– in Selections_&_Reprints. Part 3.

The Door into the Future, and The Mind and the Worldreprints in Note 12 to Selections_&_Reprints

Notes 20 and 152 to Selections_&_Reprints

Σ5 The Christians live within the two–dimensional reality: the inner peace given by God and the outward world of the matter. Life in the world of the matter is the inner incessant war against the enemies of God. This war is not against the human beings – who are flesh; this war is the spiritual war: the war of the human mind against the invisible unperceivable spiritual evils {2 Corinthians 10:3–5; Ephesians 6:12–18} that originate the evil thoughts, which their carriers–men embody into the visible perceivable material things: words, actions, establishments, systems.

Although this war is invisible and unperceivable by those who live by the values of the material world, it has definite consequences for those

who became victims of the Inquisition and the martyrs of the oppressive structures devised to deprive human beings of freedom of conscience, freedom of knowledge, freedom of thinking, freedom of choice, freedom to pursue life of happiness in dignity and peace

who because of ignorance and deceit commit violations of the law of God, pervert own nature, suffer the consequent illnesses, mental and physical disorders, lose their chance for the everlasting life in the presence of God, and meet the premature physical death.

The only weapon, which the Christians have to win this war, is faith, love, and knowledge: through faith in God, love to God, knowledge of the words of God and the truth revealed by God, a human being learns how to observe the commandments of God and to embody them into own thoughts, words, and deeds making the evil irrelevant. Then, righteousness, dignity, and virtue become the way of life. God is the only hope, because in this war, the human strength and human wisdom cannot prevail: by the Spirit of God the victory comes, not by the mighty powers {1 Kings 2:2–10; Zacharias 4:6; 1 John 5:1–5; 2 Corinthians 6:17–18; Ephesians 6:10–13}.

Unsurprisingly, the main attack is against God: against the law of God, against the words of God and against knowledge of truth revealed by God {in: 2 Peter 2:1–22; Jude 7–8; 1 John 3:10–15; 1 Corinthians 6:9–10; Revelation 21:7–8}. The main weapons of those who attempt to transform the children of God into the servants of the arch–evil destined to perish include (but are not limited to)

deceit and propagation of the false knowledge and heresies, ecumenism and creation of the “universal religion,” which are intended to take the place of Christian teachings and transform the people into the easily manipulated and controlled flock of political animals – property of political and world–oriented and heretical religious establishments

institutionalization of violations of the Law of God

perverted education, which under the slogan of separation of the church and the state propagates false knowledge – atheism and materialism leading to corruption, perversion, crimes against God, men, and the nature, and epidemic mental and physical disorders

hypocrisy, political correctness, and propaganda [[see Notes 307 and 379 to this file, Selections_&_Reprints]], which associates human rights, freedoms, and liberties with intolerance to the Christian teachings and with freedom to persecute and to silence those who have faith, to corrupt and to pervert other human beings, especially children

intimidation, inciting of hatred and violence, coercion and persecution, especially toward the Christians who attempt to proclaim the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ.

God told His disciples that from within the human heart come forth evil thoughts, murders, adultery, fornication, thefts, lies, blasphemies – all things that defile man {Matthew 15:18–20}; these things are the features of the sons of the arch–evil who are not able to perceive the words of God, who hate God and reject His words {John 8:42–47}, and who, therefore, are incapable of doing the good to the others.

Therefore, the Christian’s war, firstly, is the war with the evil within own heart–mind, so the evil is annihilated as inappropriate and irrelevant to the spiritual and physical life. Then, the Word–God becomes the only essence of the heart–mind, and the inner peace granted by God is the reality of existence.

In the war with the evil, the Christians fight for own everlasting life: they, by their thoughts, words, and actions, have to prove faith and love to God, without which the eternity with God is not possible.

Love to God, steadfast faith in God, focusing on the will of God, and observance of the commandments of God sustain the inner peace through which the children of God begin to partake in the eternal world of God during the earthly existence: this is the victory over the temporal world of the matter the world in which the evil reigns.

God spoke of this victory {John 16:33}, and His beloved disciple – St. John the Apostle – explained {1 John 5:1–5} that the victory over the world is faith in Lord God Jesus Christ. This victory is confirmed with love to God and accomplishment of His commandments.

The way to this victory leads through understanding of the methods, with which the slaves of the arch–evil attempt

–– to destroy the Christian peace

–– through ecumenism and propagation of the one/universal religion, to establish heresies, heathen idol–worship, and cults of the arch–evil at the place of Christian teachings

–– exterminate Christianity, esp. through persecutions, exile, and murder of Christians who reject conversion and submission to the arch–evil, which advances under the mask of the ecumenical movement and propagation of the unity of mankind through one “universal” religion similar to the Manichaeism.

The understanding invokes the consequent ability to discern the evil in words and deeds of the others, especially, in those who cover their true intentions with

a/ the slogans of brotherly love, unity, liberties, human rights, and peace

b/ the myths of democracy and abstract “common good” of men and their establishments

c/ propaganda and dissemination of false knowledge through all kinds of media, social norms, laws, politics of the states, policies of establishments

d/ design and support of godless establishments/systems [[which although intended to sustain survival and development of societies and states accelerate their collapse and ruin]].


CHRISTIANITY – Supplement 1, and Note 416 and 133 to Selections_&_Reprints


The Universal Religion and Purity of Faith, and Concept of evil in The Logic of Deathreprints in Notes 28 and 139 to Selections_&_Reprints

The Destiny of Nation – in text of Selections_&_Reprints. Part 1.

Concerning Manichaeism, see Note 1 to Works of Augustine of Hippo

Concerning propaganda, see Note 307 to Selections_&_Reprints

Σ6 See Note 24 to Selections_&_Reprints

Σ7 See Note 7 to Selections_&_Reprints

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Σ13 See Note 57 to Selections_&_Reprints

Σ14 See Note 173 to Selections_&_Reprints

Σ15 A reality is a complex system set for particular and often multiple purposes.

A system (for instance, a society, state, empire, civilization) is the means to achieve some purpose(s): identification of a purpose allows identification of a system.

The difference between a system and a reality is defined by complexity of the purposes, which they have been created to accomplish, and complexity of knowledge, which they produce by their existence and during accomplishment of their purposes.

See Levels of Consideration in Introduction to the Systems Logic

Σ16 See Note 132 to Selections_&_Reprints

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Σ21 Σκοτος usually translated as darkness also has the meaning of death and shadow of death; in the contemporary Greek, derivatives of σκοτ−ος (σκοτ−ωμα ← σκοτ−ωμος ← σκοτ−ωνω) convey meanings of killing, slaughtering, massacre.

Σ22 See Note 177 to Selections_&_Reprints


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