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Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Test

And having fasted forty days and forty nights, afterward He hungered.

And coming near to Him the tempter said:

if You are the Son of God, say that these stones become loaves.”

But answering, He said: “it has been written:

not on bread alone shall live man, but on every word proceeding

through the mouth of God”…

{Matthew 4:2–4}

The Gospels tell of two things that Lord God Jesus Christ accepted before He revealed Himself to His creations {Matthew 3:1–17; 4:1–11; Luke 3:2–23; 4:1–19}:

He was “tempted” by the arch–evil, who is the murderer from the beginning and the liar who speaks lie as his own because he is the father of it {John 8:43–44}

He was baptized by John the Baptist, who has arisen as the greatest of those born by women, yet, who was not worthy to bear His sandals {Matthew 3:11; 11:11}.

Since, every Christian undergoes baptism for the remissionΣ1 of sins and during the earthly life–time passes through the tests (or temptations), which assist in development of the abilities to think and to act righteously, as a being created into the image and after likeness of God should think and act. The help and guidance at each stage of life comes through the Light of the world: the words and actions of Lord God Jesus Christ have establishedΣ2 the ideals and standards of thinking and behavior for the Christians; they lead us through the process, during which human clayΣ3 is transformed into the child of God born of the Spirit of God {John 1:12–13; 3:3–6}.

In particular, in the text describing how the evil tried to tempt Lord God Jesus Christ in the desert {Luke 4:1–12}, three tests examine the possession with knowledgeΣ4, which differentiates the servant of God from the servant of evil, thus, determines the Future: either truth and life – evolutionΣ5 or lies and death – anti–evolutionΣ6.

The first test is the advice to transform stones into bread to satisfy needs of a human body. The evil probes

– understanding of the power of knowledge [[the Word–God is the Creator of world: He can rise up children of Abraham of the stones, and He is the source of knowledge, including the knowledge of creation and transformation of the matter]]

– appropriateness of application of the knowledge

– the knowledge of the Absolute TruthΣ7; this knowledge sustains the ability to choose the priorities of the spirit.

The answer of God reveals that it is not appropriate to subdue the spirit to the matter.

Then, the Son of God is offered all kingdoms of the world with their splendor and glory in exchange for worship of the evil. This offer tests the knowledge of the supreme truth and its derivatives – the values and criteria of judgment. So, what is more important for a human being: to worship God and do not have glory and wealth, or to have all the riches and become the servant of evil? The answer of God discloses the main value and the main criterion for any judgment and any action of the Christian:

all and everything of man is in God, must be centered only on God, and serve only God

The next suggestion given to the Son of God – to throw Himself from the parapet of the temple, that is to prove God’s promise to guard His servant – tests understanding of supremacy of the Absolute Truth. The answer of Lord Jesus Christ postulates inaccessibility of God and His words (that is the Absolute Truth for men) for judgment or test by His creations.

The referred above texts of the Holy Gospels describe the model of testing, which a human being and human establishments undergo continuously in order to survive, to pursue the purposes of evolution, and to enter the eternity:

knowledge of truth that is the knowledge of the system’s own nature

(the degree of development or the level of complexity is tested)

adequacy of the values originated by the knowledge of truth

(the degree of optimization is tested)

understanding of the power of knowledge and appropriateness of its application

(the potency to accomplish the purposes of existence is tested)

The general meaning of the described above tests: the evolution is possible only until

1/ the purposes and values continue to be consistent with the nature (the nature might be defined, for instance, as the inner absolute truth)

2/ all activities are consistent with the nature.

A human being is enabled to initiate only two kinds of modification of purposes:

a/ transformation due to the necessity to conform to the original nature (e.g., man who was a criminal becomes a saint)

b/ degeneration or perversion of the nature (e.g., man who was a saint becomes an apostate).

Consequently, the history of mankind might be seen as the uninterrupted war among the systems of knowledge created within two different frameworksΣ8: true knowledge as the means of evolution, and false knowledgeΣ9 as the means of degeneration/anti–evolution.

Four main logical realitiesΣ10 accommodated the knowledge, which sustains life and death of men and controls existence or disintegration of their establishments.

Two of them – the realities of the Absolute Truth – established the foundation for the evolution as optimization–perfection–development of the highest potential according to the original design:

–– revelations of God granted through the Hebrew Prophets formed the first reality – Judaism (period of formation 1500–1000 B.C. – fifth century B.C.)

–– the Hebrew Prophets prepared the foundation for the teachings of Lord God Jesus Christ: Christianity is the ultimate reality of the Absolute Truth that might be opened to the existing world and comprehended by its dwellers.

Human imagination created two realities of knowledge of evil:

–– the primary system was the ancient heathenismΣ11 [[? – A.D. first century; for the concepts, which became the heresies hunting the Christianity, the most productive period lasted from the fifth century B.C. through A.D. first century]]

–– the fourth reality (A.D. first century – the Present) includes derivatives of the ancient heathenism produced with Greek heathen philosophy (the OrphismΣ12), Gnosticism, ManichaeismΣ13, and the others, which the original (orthodox) Christian dogma holds to be the heresyΣ14, yet, which have been implanted into the Western (papal) theological thought. The list of these derivatives includes political theology, ideologies, concepts, teachings, and doctrinesΣ15 promulgating idols, disparaging God and His creations, or denying existence of God.

Presently, the doctrines and concepts of all kinds (embodying the knowledge as the means of optimization–evolution, and the knowledge as the means of decay–annihilation) exist within the most part of the societies: the majority of population has an opportunity to make own choice. Consequently, the choice of knowledge became the main means of testing–evaluation and the continuous testing seems to be an irreplaceable and unavoidable part of life.

From another point of view, it could be said that each social or political establishment provides a possibility to choose between the evolution and the destruction, and there is only one differential: one type of establishments encourages the choice of evolution; another type of establishments encourages the choice of destruction and terminates those who pursue the purposes of evolution. The ability to discern the truth–good and the false–evil and to identify the underlying framework of knowledge became the first condition of survivalΣ16 of men and their establishments.

The history of mankind confirms: each new generation has to pass its own tests, and their main subject is the loyalty to God. The tests evaluate the applications of the gift to discernΣ17 good and evil: abilities to think, to comprehend the reality, to foresee the Future, and to act adequately must be proved. Those who reject God become unable to discern and to distinguish the good and the evil; firstly, they lose the ability to foresee the consequences of own thoughts, words, and deeds; then, they devise the weapon of suicide, for instance, neo–paganism masked with the scientific terms and slogans and ethics–free sciencesΣ18, which bear such fruits, for example, as weapons of mass destruction, pollutants, and poisonous drugs.

Many conditions of life have been changed since the Flood, yet, one plague of mankind remains unchangeable – deification of men who have access to the power of coercionΣ19. Each generation receives its own executioners – the rulers and dictators who are deified and adored: mussolinis, hitlers, stalins, popes – “universal teachers,” “great leaders,” and so on and so forth. Those elected ones enslave their subjects with lofty slogans masquerading empty promises and lies: with promises of freedom, prosperity, security, and progress, they lead into the ruin.

And I think that inability to discern the inner truth or essence – therefore, consequences – of ideas, slogans, proposals, bills, laws, and political and social events marks the road to the dead end; this road begins with ignorance. Those who do not have knowledge of truth are doomed {John 8:31–36} to slaveryΣ20, and those who do not know God are doomed to idol–worshipΣ21, therefore, death. Inability to comprehend the truth and issuing culture of death signify the total failure of the contemporary godless societies.

For instance, who of the heroes of daily news filled with descriptions of utter corruption, crimes, assassinations, fraud committed by the political, religious, social leaders and public servants of all kinds and scales might be seen as the one who has the knowledge leading to life and prosperity? Furthermore, do the people who are unable to find God and cognize the meaning of good need knowledge of life? Probably, that is why St. Paul the Apostle wrote: the Gospel is veiled for the unbelievers with mind blinded by “the god of this world” {2 Corinthians 4:3–4}. Yet, by the knowledge of the truth we all are tested…



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