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Quiet World
of Alice Alexandra-Sofia


Και  ειδεν ο Θεος  τα  παντα,  οσα εποιησε,  και  ιδου  καλα   λιαν


And God saw all that He had made, and, behold, all beautiful perfectly


{Genesis 1:31}    



Και  συνετελεσθησαν   ο ουρανος  και  η  γη, και  πας  ο  κοσμος  αυτων


And the heavens and the earth were jointly completed, and this entire world


{Genesis 2:1}

Χριστος Aνεστη!

Christ is Risen!

Христос  Воскрес!


To all Orthodox Christians –– my Brothers and Sisters in Lord Jesus Christ, Our Lord God and Savior ––

Κ α λ ο  Π α σ χ α!

Χρονια  Πολλα!

Holy and Blessed Pascha!

Благословенной  П а с х и!


Dear Visitors and Friends – Greetings and Welcome!

You are @ Home @ your Net



This website is a part of The Net – the five–facet arrangement attuned to the convenience of my Readers. 

The Net is intended

a/ to propagate knowledge of Christian teachings conveyed by the Gospels and Books of The New Testament

b/ to serve evolution of the human mind in search of knowledge and ultimate freedom, which come through faith in Lord Jesus Christ, the Word–God and Redeemer

c/ to promote science created on the basis of the Christian (Orthodox) theology.

The Net offers the unconventional vision of the problems of the Past, Present, and Future.


The Net


1. Sunday’s Thoughts by Alice Alexandra–Sofia – http://alicealexandrasofia.net

the original website, which now offers Current Posts (weekly) and Archives (or database – kind of) from 2008 with works concerning the Christian teachings,

Christian philosophy, the heathenism, heathen philosophy, political theology, ecumenism.

The entire archive of the Current Posts for 2008-2015 is re–printed in thematic works and collections of files and as reprints/excerpts in Notes to the files,
which are offered for download
@ Library Pages of my websites:
Systems Logic  and
Christian’s Mind & the World 

2. Christian’s Mind & the World by Alice Alexandra–Sofia – http://alicealexandrasofia.info

the website is intended to illustrate unbreakable wholeness of theology with daily life – research, business, society, etc.

Archived Posts will be offered for download @ Library Pages of Christian’s Mind & the World and Systems Logic  – http://systemslogic-by-alicesofia.net

Small sets of pictures are updated biweekly or monthly

3. Uncommon Thoughts by Alice Alexandra–Sofia – http://alicealexandrasofia.com

the website is allotted to my research: systems logic applied to consideration of philosophical doctrines, design and operations of systems/establishments, sciences, and other components/subsystems of

1/ the actuality – the real world, in which we live

2/ the dream world created by imagination, which, in some minds, took the place of the actuality.

Archived posts will be offered for download @ Library Pages of Uncommon Thoughts and Systems Logic – http://systemslogic-by-alicesofia.net

Small sets of pictures (updated biweekly or monthly) are not connected with the contents of the posts; just either reminiscence or a vein for a moment

4. Systems Logic by Alice Alexandra–Sofia – http://systemslogic-by-alicesofia.net

My business website; it offers free download of my works (pdf) concerning Systems Logic and its applications, selections of Archived files posted @ my websites, my works, and excerpts from my books  (Library Pages), my business profile, service offer, and contact information

In lieu of published paper books, my Readers are encouraged to download the files offered @ Library Pages of Systems Logic and other websites

5. Quiet World of Alice Alexandra–Sofia

My hobby is digital photography; the website unfolds the world that I see and like; it offers small galleries – albums – of my pictures (sunsets, flowers, some places – whatever had attracted my attention) updated monthly. I took the pictures in different places and in different times, but mostly with the Fujifilm cameras (S series, easy to use by non–professionals) – that are my favorite: they have the unique sensors, which capture and convey appearances of the world in abundant splendor of the natural colors.


March 13, 2015 

Contact: email alice_sofia@fastmail.fm





Website updated February 19, 2016


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